The Application Pack

Choosing the Right Application Route for you

The Home Office has recently introduced a new application route: the Principal Sponsor Application Process (PSAP). This option is only available to groups who are applying through a Principal Lead Sponsor (Citizens UK are a Principal Sponsor. Contact Reset for a full list).

Take a look at the three options below, to decide which is the best path for you. Get in touch if you would like guidance or clarification:

The order of modules in this portal assumes you are taking Option A or B - the Standard Application Routes.

If you choose Option C: PSAP - please follow to this Section of the Portal.

Choosing the Right Application Route.pdf

Standard Application Route

In order to become Community Sponsors, you must submit an application to the Home Office. Your application pack will need to include:

  1. A Completed Application Form
  2. A Safeguarding Policy
  3. Permission to apply from your Local Authority
  4. Evidence to show that you have £9,000 ring-fenced for the project
  5. House - Property Offer Form

In this Section, we take you through the application process step by step. If you complete each question or document as you go along, you will have a completed application pack by the end of this Section.

The Application Form

As you can see, a lot of the questions just require some common sense and local knowledge. The Community Sponsorship team at the Home Office don't expect you to write an essay for each question, and they are not trying to "catch you out". They just want to know that you have thought carefully about how you will support a vulnerable refugee family to adjust to life in the UK. They want to see that you have the relevant support systems in place, have connected with local services, and have clear policies to protect the family from harm. And most importantly, they want you take an empowerment approach to resettlement - always placing the family's needs and wishes at the forefront of everything you do.

Below you will find some examples of how other successful sponsors have completed this application form, so that you can see what the Home Office are looking for.

Attached - Examples of Successful Application Forms

Support with your Application

Our partners at Reset can run an Application Workshop for your group.

Find out more here:

If Citizens UK/Sponsor Refugees are your Lead Sponsor, we can provide bespoke support in preparing your application. We will also check through your application before submitting. Contact [email protected].

Get your Application Pack

We have created a Application Pack in Google Drive, with template policies & volunteer guides, and example application forms. You can download a pack here.

If you don't use Google Drive, email us and we can send in a different format (e.g. via email, or Microsoft Sharepoint): [email protected].

Where do I find information for each application question in this portal?

If you are responsible for a specific application question or document, you can click on the links below to jump straight to the relevant module:

1.1 - 1.9: About Your Organisation

2.1 - 2.10: Lead Sponsor

2.14: Support Personnel

3.1: Arrival in the UK

3.2: Initial Expenses

3.3: Social Welfare

3.4b-c: Biometric Residence Permit

3.4d-e: School Registration

3.4f-j: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

3.4k-m: GP Registration

3.5a-c: Local Area

3.5d-e: Access to neighbourhood and community activities

3.5f-g: Access to employment

3.5h: Assistance with accessing digital services

3.5i-l: Interpretation Services

3.6: Accommodation (you can skip this section if you do not yet have Accommodation)

Supporting Documents:

Safeguarding Policy

Local Authority Consent


Complete and Continue