Data Management

Now that you have are gathering a group of volunteers, you will be starting to handle confidential contact details - so it is important that you have some clear procedures in place to keep everyone's data protected.

Below, you can find some guidance on managing data.

Also below, we've attached Sponsor Refugees' Data Protection Policy - this will cover all the information we gather from volunteers if we are your Lead Sponsor.

Finally, you can download a template Data Protection Policy from ICO here.

If we are your Lead Sponsor, you MUST follow these rules:

·        Only collect, store or use personal data if your group needs to do so for a clear, specific purpose

·        Only collect, store and use the minimum amount of data you need for the Group’s purpose. Don’t keep extra data if you don’t know why you need it, and don’t keep data that is no longer needed

·        Make sure people know how to contact the relevant person in the Group if they want to remove their data from the Group’s records

·        Tell people what data you have about them if they ask you to, and remove it if requested.

·        Store data securely.

·        Be clear whether data belongs to the Group or to members personally.

Any volunteer who has any concern about how the Group is handling personal data, whether about themselves or others, should contact Sponsor Refugees. 

Sponsor Refugees_Guide to Data Management.pdf
Sponsor Refugees_Privacy Policy.pdf
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