Assigning Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

As well as getting to know each other and building strong relationships, you also need to understand each member's role and responsibilities. 

You will need a number of leads and for people to join various sub groups. When it comes to filling out the Application Form, you will need to list key members of the group as well as a description. Personnel may change, but ideally, the people who take on lead roles at this stage will see it through to the application and arrival stages. 

In the document below, we have provided some example roles. These are not prescriptive - you can adapt these to fit members' interests, skills and availability.

When assigning roles, it is important that people are capable and have some relevant experience - but it is also important that you choose a role that brings you joy. Don't assume that if someone is an accountant by day, that they would want to be the Treasurer - they may want to do something completely different in their voluntary time! If people find joy in the role, they are more likely to get stuck in.

Attached - Suggested Roles & Responsibilities

Volunteer Interest Form

It could be useful to create a volunteer interest form, to help you assign roles. Take a look at an example form here.

Filling Out The Application Form: 2.11 Support Personnel

Now you can begin to answer one of the first questions on the Home Office Application Form – 2.11 Support Personnel.

You need to demonstrate to the Home Office that you are a strong, experienced, organised team. So, as you build your team, add each member to your application.

Although there are 12 spaces, there is no formal minimum or maximum number of people. We recommend including about 10-15 Core Group members.

Include any relevant experience you have in relation to the role - and especially any experience you have working with vulnerable people. Now is not the time to be humble!

Be clear about what support you will be providing. You should ensure the following areas are covered in some capacity:

  • Chair/Project Manager
  • Treasurer/Finance
  • Benefits
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Housing
  • English Language
  • Safeguarding

Suggested Roles and Responsibilities (4) (2).pdf
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