The First Two Months

Wrapping Up The First 60 Days

As mentioned, it is likely that some of the early tasks will slip beyond the first two weeks for all sorts of reasons. This doesn't matter too much, but you really need to ensure that the following tasks have been completed within the first two months.


  • Signing on for all benefits and receipt of those benefits
  • Application for council tax rebate
  • Housing tenancy signed by both family and landlord
  • All utilities in the name of the family
  • Family budget established - family clear about income and expenditure and what they can and cannot afford
  • Children registered with schools and attending school
  • Adults registered for ESOL at college and attending classes
  • Additional ESOL classes taking place in the home on a regular basis
  • Pre-school children attending some playgroup or nursery activities regularly
  • All family members registered with a GP practice, all had an initial appointment and check up. Any immediate GP or hospital treatments booked or attended.
  • All family members registered with a dentists' practice, all had an initial appointment and check up. Any immediate dental treatments booked or attended.
  • All family members fully orientated to local area, including all shops and amenities they want/need to visit. Also, full familiarity with transport options in the area
  • As above for opticians, where appropriate. 
  • All family members understand how to stay safe and legal in the UK (including cultural and legal differences such as leaving children at home alone, smoking indoors, hitting family members)
  • All family members understand the Safeguarding and Complaints Procedures
  • You and the family have agreed and signed your Code of Conduct

The Family Support Team and the Core Team should certainly have met at least once during this period to review the progress of the sponsorship and amend arrangements and plans in the light of experience.  

A fairly formal review meeting with the family should have been held to find out how they are feeling and if the sponsorship is working for them. This comes ahead of the first Post Arrival Support Visit (see this module).

Involving The Wider Community 

Towards the end of the second month, the Group may want to consider whether it is appropriate to hold a wider social or even semi-public event to 'welcome' the family to the community. Obviously, this depends on the willingness and circumstances of the family, but it is a nice way to engage Group members who have not been part of the Family Support Team and may not have yet met the family. 

One idea is to ask the family if they would provide the food for such an event. Obviously, the cost of it should come from Group funds. Such events have proved very popular.