Learning English

Language Is At The Heart Of Integration

English is absolutely essential for successful integration.

for adult family members to receive at least 8 hours a week of English lessons for one year. We have heard from many family members that they would like to do much more. It is key not only to their integration but also to ensure they can continue to claim benefits.

Reset have some excellent guidance on ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) here.

Regional ESOL Coordinators

Every region in the UK has an ESOL coordinator, who should be able to help you connect you ESOL classes in your area, and may be able to share additional training opportunities. You can find a list of your Regional ESOL Contacts here:

Delivering your own ESOL Classes

Outside of cities, ESOL provision can be very patchy. Some groups have found that they needed to provide their own ESOL classes. Croeso Abergwaun in Fishguard, Wales, have produced a great guide to how they delivered these:

A Guide to Community ESOL .pdf

ESOL Resources 

Here are some other useful resources for teaching and practising English language:

Mohammed's Top Five Tips for Learning English Quickly

Curriculum and tips for delivery

Online courses and signposts to classes in your area

Activities, videos, and articles to help improve English

A list of online resources for both teachers and students of ESOL

Attached - List of Useful Websites for English Language Learning

Attached - Rosie's ESOL zoom lesson ideas

Rosie-s ESOL zoom lesson ideas.pdf
Useful Websites for English Language Learning.pdf
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