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While the experience of groups often is that children integrate much easier than adults, education and schools present their own challenges. Depending on their age, children usually acquire language skills at record speed but sometimes struggle with the sociocultural aspects of education.

Attached - Syrian VPRS Guidance for Primary Schools

Attached - Syrian VPRS Guidance for Secondary Schools

Local Authorities receive tariffs and in-depth funding instructions from the Home Office for resettled refugee children's education. The Local Authority is entitled to claim Funding towards educational costs incurred supporting children of school age up to the following maximum per capita rates:

Age 3-4: £2,250 per child

Age 5-18: £4,500 per child

Refugees Welcome Schools Accreditation Scheme

As the home of Community Organising, Citizens UK launched the Refugee Welcome Schools initiative in 2016 when prompted by some of the schools in its membership - such as Saint Gabriel's College in South London - who were looking for concrete ways to develop a culture of welcome within their schools, ensuring that the 'responsibility' of assisting pupils from refugee backgrounds is shared and celebrated across the school. 

You can read more about the Refugee Welcome Schools Accreditation Scheme here.

See how Jubilee Wood became a Refugee Welcome School here.

Attachment - Application Pack Refugee Welcome Schools

Below is a snippet of our Lunch & Learn on Schools. Chris and Catherine Brennan share how they accessed school funding and worked with schools. Ellie Stacey explains how her group in Cornwall supported the children with homework and helping them integrate in school. Finally, Jess Maddocks, a Citizens UK organiser, shows us how we can make schools more welcoming and understanding of pupils of refugee background through the Refugee Welcome Schools Accreditation Scheme.

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