Writing A Welcome Pack

You will need to provide a Welcome Folder for the family with key information about the accommodation, emergency contact numbers and helpful information about the neighbourhood.

We recommend that this includes the following information in their native language:

Your Group:

  • Pictures and a message from the Family Support Team
  • Explanation of your roles
  • Contact details
  • When and how you can be contacted
  • A proposed timetable of the first 2 weeks


  • Tenancy Agreement
  • How to use appliances
  • How to contact the landlord (or relevant group member) if there is a problem
  • Inventory
  • Any house rules (e.g. no Smoking, no posters)
  • Recycling information and Refuse Collection Days (you may want to include posters next to the bins)
  • WiFi Password

Local Area:

  • Local Map
  • Information about the local area, and nice places to visit
  • Bus/train timetables for your local area.
  • Useful local contacts e.g. GP, Jobcentre, Citizens Advice Bureau.

Life in the UK:

Policies and Procedures

  • Sponsorship Agreement
  • Safeguarding and Complaints Policies
  • A short, clear summary of your procedures

We've included a Template Welcome Pack with Arabic translation to get you started. Remember that the family may be illiterate, and they will have a lot of information to take in - so don't assume they have read it all: you will still need to cover this information face to face. Where possible, make it pictorial.

Attached - Template Welcome Pack with Arabic Translation

Attached - Reset's UK Price Guide

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