Useful Resources and Tools

To get organised, we recommend using the following online project management tools:

Application Pack - all the template policies, application forms and workbooks you need for your application.

Airtable (Checklists & Project Planner) - keep all your group contacts, task lists, budget, etc. in once place, and track your progress.

Slack - for internal communications

Lunch & Learns - we run a fortnightly zoom call for Community Sponsorship groups to share practical advice on different topics.

Application Pack

We have created a folder with all the templates you need to get started - including a template Application Form, which you can complete as you go through the portal. The folder will also include:

  • Application Form with Example Answers
  • Template Complaints Policy
  • Template Safeguarding Policy
  • Template Tenancy Agreement
  • Template Volunteer Handbook
  • Managing Boundaries Workbook
  • Guide for Designated Safeguarding Leads

Download an Application Pack here.

If you don't have a gmail account, contact [email protected] - we can send the same templates by email, or through Microsoft Sharepoint.

Checklists & Project Management Plan - Airtable

Airtable is a fantastic (and free!) Project Management Tool. It is designed with project management in mind, but also lets you keep all spreadsheets - such as budgets, task checklists, group contacts, etc. in one place.

We have created a template Community Sponsorship Project Tracker to get you started - you can see a snippet of it here:

Attached below - Instructions for using Airtable

Instructions for using this Airtable Community Sponsorship Planner:

  1. Click here
  2. In the top-right corner, select Copy Base
  3. Create your free Airtable Account
  4. You will have an opportunity to invite other group members to your workspace
  5. Your Community Sponsorship Plan will appear on your homepage, under "My First Workspace"
  6. To share this plan with other group members, click Share in top-right corner, and add their email addresses

You can also copy our Volunteer Information table here, using the same instructions as above.

We recommend that you keep volunteers' personal data separately, and only share with people who most need to know.


Slack - we have been working in community sponsorship for a long time and we believe Slack is the best way to communicate as a group - we swear by it! It is an instant messaging tool that you can use on your mobile, tablet or computer. It is very simple and intuitive to use.

You can create different subject channels (e.g. English sub-team, Fundraising sub-team, etc), send documents back and forth, upload videos, and send private messages.

Watch our video below to see how Refugee Sponsorship Edinburgh have used Slack as a group, and see our instructions for setting up a channel.

Using Slack for your Community Sponsorship Group:

Lunch & Learns

Once a fortnight, on a Fridays at 1-2pm, we run an online "Lunch & Learn" zoom call. This is open to all Community Sponsorship group members, and we regularly welcome scores of people from across the country.

We invite CS group members, resettled family members and professionals to share their experience on different topics. Previous sessions have included, ESOL, Employment, Volunteer Recruitment, Building a Strong Team, Fundraising, and Managing Finances. It's a great way to meet and learn from other CS groups.

You can find a list of upcoming sessions here

And you can sign up to receive a calendar invite to future Lunch & Learn sessions here.

Throughout this portal, you can watch snippets from previous sessions.

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