The Community Sponsorship scheme gives you the power to welcome refugees to your neighbourhood.

This portal takes you step-by-step through the process. We give you all the advice and resources you need to build a strong team, prepare your application, welcome a refugee family, and empower them to build a life in the UK.

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"The experience has been completely transformative for my community. It has brought together different elements in our community in extraordinary ways. Whatever we have given has been returned tenfold by the most remarkable, inspirational and resilient family I have ever met.”

Raynes Park Community Church, South West London

“We have no hesitation in the capacity of the community to be able to welcome refugee families to a place of sanctuary and safety. Some people say it's just a drop in the ocean - but the ocean is made of little drops”

Croeso Abergwuan (Welcome Fishguard), West Wales

“It is giving grassroots, ordinary people responsibility for the entire journey that a refugee family goes on from the time they land at an airport in Britain through to them being completely resettled, integrated and happy.” 

St Monica's Flixton, Greater Manchester

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